Using kwcheck for Java

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Desktop analysis > Using kwcheck for Java

Klocwork Desktop Command Line (kwcheck) is a desktop tool for C/C++ and Java developers who are using IDEs and text editors that aren't supported by Klocwork Insight in the form of an IDE plug-in.

Note: You can also try the GUI tool Klocwork Desktop.

Using kwcheck, you can analyze your code for security vulnerabilities and quality defects, investigate your results, and confirm your fixes.

To get even more out of your source code analysis, use kwcheck to connect to the integration project on the server so that you can:

  • analyze your source code before you check in
  • tap into centralized system analysis for your local code, which takes into account dependencies on the rest of the system
  • use collaborative issue mitigation and be kept up-to-date on current detected issues and how they're being handled



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