Using entity attributes in Klocwork Architect

From Insight-9.2

Klocwork Architect allows you to view attributes attached to software entities. Architect automatically provides many default attributes, providing information on such entity characteristics as block type and programming language.

Your software development organization may also have assigned attributes to software entities for a number of purposes, for example, to identify the owners of software components or to indicate to which product release a component belongs. Your build engineer can load these attributes when analyzing a project by means of a user-defined attributes file (.atr). For details on how to define and load your own attributes for use in Architect, see Including user-defined attributes in projects.

Use the Architect Attribute Selector dialog to map default and user-assigned attributes to Architect display colors. You open the Attribute Selector dialog by choosing View > Attribute Selector... while the Graphic view is active. Use it to map default and user-assigned attributes to Architect display colors.


  • Attributes can be viewed only for entities that appear in the System model. As long as an entity is present in the System model, you can also view its attributes in your user models.
  • The Changed Entities attribute indicates new entities in a project build. It appears in the Attribute drop-down list only for new builds containing new entities. It does not appear for the first build of a project.

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