Using annotations in Klocwork Architect

From Insight-9.2

You can annotate entities in any custom diagram or model that you can see in Architect or the Source Cross-Reference module in Klocwork Review (even models that are read-only, like the System model and other users' models).

Annotations are saved with your custom diagrams and models, and they are propagated along with your custom diagrams and models when the project is reanalyzed. They are not attached to entities in the actual software system. As a result:

  • you can annotate architecture blocks that you've created in your user models
  • when you create a new Architect custom diagram or model, all annotations in the original custom diagram or model are copied to your new custom diagram or model
  • if you add an annotation to a file in one model, the annotation does not get applied to the same file in any other model

Annotations are also visible in the architecture reports.

Annotations can be useful for several purposes. You can add annotations

  • to code entities as you learn about the code. These annotations may be useful additions to source code comments.
  • to code entities to instruct other software developers about required changes, or to inform them about changes you have made or are planning to make
  • that describe guidelines about system components or refer to external documents such as project plans, presentations and specifications

Once you've added or updated an Architect annotation, Source Cross-Reference users can also view the annotations. Likewise, annotations added or updated in Source Cross-Reference are visible to Architect users.

Note: Annotations are propagated along with your user models when the project is re-analyzed.

To add an annotation to an entity:

  1. In either the Project Tree view or Graphic View, right-click any entity and click Show... > Show Annotations.
  2. Click the Add Annotation button in the toolbar: Architect add annotation button.jpg.
    All characters are acceptable input, but HTML tags are not recognized and will appear only as typed in the annotation.

Entities with annotations have an "A" in the lower right corner of the block in the Graphical view.

Architect annotated block.jpg

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