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Insight 10.0


These release notes cover Klocwork Insight 10.0 and Klocwork Cahoots. For new features in this version, see What's New.

Changes affecting migration

This section details product changes that affect how Insight data is migrated from a previous version. For general information on upgrading, see Upgrading from a previous version.

Japanese for migrated projects: To display Japanese issue messages, traceback and context-sensitive issue help for a migrated project, set the "locale" project property to "ja" with the kwadmin set-project-property command. Then, run kwbuildproject with the --url option so that the project properties are used in the analysis. Note that Insight will display Japanese issue messages and traceback only for issues that are detected in a Japanese build (that is, a build run on a machine with the system locale set to Japanese). Other issues will remain in English (until they are detected in a Japanese build).

Disabled checkers: If you chose to migrate your projects_root directory, make sure you have the same checker configuration as in the last release before your first 10.0 integration build analysis.

Migrating from 9.2 to 10.0

When migrating from 9.2 to 10.0, statuses of local defects which have been synchronized with the server, but not detected by system builds, will be lost.

Changed and removed commands and options

The following table lists changed and removed commands in this release. For more detail on Klocwork commands, see Command Reference.

Important: These changes can affect existing scripts.

Command Details
kwstackoverflow Due to the complexity and accuracy of kwstackoverflow, we have discontinued this product. In the future, we will work towards a unified stack analysis tool that works with our existing products.
kwdspparser Added the --useenv option which allows you to use PATH, INCLUDE, LIBPATH and LIB environment variables instead of Visual Studio variables.
kwinspectreport This command has been removed. You can now save reports using the Web API.
kwsupport This command has been removed. You can now collect data and submit to Klocwork Support for additional help with build errors using the kwcollect command.

Changes to system requirements

This section lists changes to the System requirements.



  • Windows 8
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Sun Solaris 11


  • Eclipse 4.3


  • Internet Explorer 10

No longer supported


  • Sun Solaris 9

Changes affecting existing users

This section details changes that you should be aware of if you've used a previous version of Insight. See also What's New for a summary of major new features in this version.

Klocwork Architect removed

Klocwork Architect has been removed and is no longer a part of the Klocwork Insight package.

Due to the removal of Klocwork Architect, support for usage rules (.uconf) files has also been removed and these file types should no longer be used.

See Integrating with Structure101 for information on using Structure101, a code visualization and organization tool that now integrates fully with Insight.

Licensing changes

9.x licenses are not compatible with Insight 10.0. You must get a new license to use the latest version of the product. Contact Klocwork Customer Support for more details.

Changes to Klocwork Review

Changes to Klocwork Cahoots

  • The Klocwork Cahoots documentation has moved.
  • You can create custom reports in Klocwork Cahoots. See the Cahoots documentation for more details.
  • The JSON output from the search action of the code review Web API has changed. Redundant fields were removed from the root of the output reply. The following listing shows a typical JSON output response:
    "type": "action",
    "item": {
        "author": "jdoe",
        "responsible": "pholmes",
        "creation_date": 1376328066170,
        "file_revision": {
            "file": "a.c",
            "is_directory": false,
            "is_binary": false,
            "change_type": "MODIFIED",
            "removed_lines": -1,
            "added_lines": -1,
            "file_revision_id": 1
        "line": 3,
        "text": "find a way to fix this",
        "complete": false

Changes to access control

  • You can now enable authentication when you use basic access control. This allows you to decide if users need to login with a password to access projects (authentication enabled) or can simply see all projects by logging in with any user name (authentication disabled). For more information, see enabling authentication.
  • A guest account has been added which allows anyone to login with the username 'guest' and have developer access rights. For more information, see Managing the Guest account .

Changes to desktop analysis

  • The Klocwork Desktop Plugin for Visual Studio now generates a build specification on a per-project basis, using the Visual Studio project configuration. In previous versions of Klocwork Insight, the build specification was generated on a per-project basis, using the active Visual Studio solution configuration.

Changes to the Configuration Editor

  • The Configuration Editor is no longer used to edit taxonomies and categories; this is now done using the Taxonomy Editor.
  • .pconf.xml configuration files are now split into .pconf (Configuration) and .tconf (Taxonomy) files.
  • If you import an old project, your '.pconf.xml' file will be automatically converted into a separate '.tconf' file. The updated file can be found in your '<projects_root>\projects\<project>\rules\' folder.

Changes to the Klocwork Servers

  • You must pass the --projects_root (or -r) argument to the kwservice command when specifying the location of your projects_root. In previous releases, this argument was implied when the path to your projects_root was passed as an argument.

Changes to MySQL integration with Klocwork Insight

  • Use of an external MySQL server with Klocwork Insight is no longer supported.

Known limitations

Limitations for installation, upgrade and deployment

Some virus scanners may slow analysis performance

If certain virus scanners are deployed (such as Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security 6.0), your analysis time may increase.
Workaround: If your anti-virus software permits, configure exclusion folders for the projects_root directory and the tables directory.

Interoperability between releases

Insight clients earlier than Klocwork Insight 10.0 cannot interoperate with a Klocwork Insight 10.0 Server. You must upgrade both your Server and User installations. See Upgrading from a previous version.

Only one set of Klocwork Insight 10.0 Servers can be run as Windows Services on each host

It is not possible to run two sets of the Klocwork Servers as Windows Services on one host when the servers are of the same Klocwork version.
Workaround: Start additional instances of the Klocwork Insight 10.0 servers using kwservice (and set the ports appropriately, so that there is no conflict).

Users may not be able to connect to the Klocwork Servers if Server host machine is brought out of hibernation mode

Windows only, when not running Klocwork Servers as Windows Services: Users may not be able to connect to the Klocwork Servers if the machine hosting the Klocwork Servers is brought back from hibernation mode. Restarting the Klocwork Servers does not help this problem.
Workaround: Log off the machine hosting the Klocwork servers and log in again, or restart the server host machine. Alternatively, run the Klocwork Servers as Windows Services.

Remote Klocwork clients may not be able to connect when Klocwork Servers are started on "localhost"

Linux and Solaris only: If you start the Klocwork Servers on a machine where the /etc/hosts file contains an alias that maps the host name to localhost address 127.0.0.x, remote Klocwork Insight clients will not be able to connect to the servers.
Workaround: Remove the alias to 127.0.0.x from /etc/hosts and restart the servers.

Projects_root directory cannot be located on a shared file system (NFS)

Unix only: Due to MySQL limitations, the projects_root directory should not be located on NFS. It has a special file locking implementation which is not fully supported by MySQL. See also the warning in the MySQL documentation.

NIC naming convention em[123...] not supported

The NIC naming convention on Fedora Core 15 is em[123...] by default, which is not supported by Insight.
Workaround: Configure NIC as eth[0123...], which is supported by Insight.

Limitations for Checker configuration migration

Note the following limitations with checker configuration files during the upgrade process (via the import process):

  • Only modifications to default checker configuration files are imported. If you had a non-default checker enabled in an earlier installation and it was renamed in a new version, you will not see the checker in new builds. You must manually re-enable the checker in the new version of Insight.
  • If a checker that was enabled by default was renamed in the new version of Insight, you will not see new codes until the first system build of the new installation.

Limitation for importing projects with existing reports

If you attempt to import a project with existing reports that use default metric names, you may see unexpected results.
Workaround: When importing a project, ensure that the reports do not use default metric names.

We hit StackOverflowError in MySQL driver

If you see this message in the Klocwork Server log during or after installation, it indicates that there are unclosed connections in the server's database. You may also experience a subsequent failure when importing projects from your existing server. If your import operation fails with "Too many open connections", you should restart your source server or wait an hour so that your MySQL server can evict any unclosed connections.

Support for desktop project migration of 8.x versions of Klocwork Insight has been removed

If you run kwcheck on an 8.x .kwlp file, your previously detected defects will not show up.

On Linux, when importing projects with large numbers of builds, make sure your ulimit value is set accordingly

If your projects contain a large number of builds, set your ulimit value to an appropriate number determined roughly by the following formula:
"ulimit -n" > max(number of builds in a project) + 1000
For example, if your project contains 500 or more builds and is failing during import, set your ulimit value to 2048.

Eclipse update site fails when downloading from a secure server

Due to an Eclipse security feature, you cannot download a plug-in from a secure server (https).
Workaround: The Klocwork Administrator must make the Eclipse update site package available to all users as an archive.

You must have the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework installed in order to run Windows services

This framework is installed by default as part of Windows 8. For all other versions of Windows, you must download the Microsoft .NET 4.0 Framework Installer and install the framework manually.

Before downgrading to a previous version of Insight, you should uninstall the current release

To avoid duplicate entries in the Windows Control Panel, and incorrect plug-in version numbers in your IDEs, it's a good idea to uninstall the current version of Klocwork Insight before downgrading to a previous version.

Uninstall any existing Klocwork user package before installing the latest 10.X desktop analysis plug-ins

You must uninstall any existing Klocwork user package from an earlier version of the product (9.2, 9.5, or 9.6) before installing the latest version (10.X) of the desktop analysis plug-in.
During installation, you may encounter an error indicating that a previous version of the Klocwork user package is installed on your computer, even if the user package has been removed. If you see this error, verify that the existing package has been removed. If the error persists after the user package component has been removed from your computer, then you may need to re-install or repair your existing user package installation, then uninstall again.

Limitations for Mac OS X support

  • Distributed Analysis is not supported.
  • For developers, plug-in support is provided for Eclipse and IntelliJ IDEA. If your developers are not using Eclipse or IntelliJ IDEA, they need to use Klocwork Desktop Command Line for C/C++ or Java (kwcheck) or Klocwork Desktop to analyze their code and view detected issues. See Fixing issues before check-in with Klocwork Desktop Analysis.

Limitations related to internationalization and localization

See also:

Japanese version of Insight

The following are not localized in Insight 10.0:
  • the IntelliJ IDEA plug-in (because IntelliJ IDEA does not provide a Japanese version of the IDE)
  • The MISRA checker help, because MISRA does not provide a translated version

Unix, using dash: Cannot start servers on projects_root containing non-ASCII characters

When using dash (the default shell on Ubuntu), it is not possible to start the Klocwork Servers on a projects_root with Japanese characters in the path. This is due to a dash limitation related to improper handling of multibyte characters. This problem exists for Ubuntu 10.10 only.
Workaround: Use a different shell, for example bash.

Installation path cannot contain multibyte characters

If you attempt to install to a path containing multibyte characters on any platform, the installation may fail or cause unexpected results when you use the product.
Workaround: Ensure that the path to the chosen installation directory contains only ASCII characters.

Do not use non-ASCII, double-byte characters (e.g. Japanese) to specify the name of your projects_root

Using Japanese or other non-ASCII, double-byte characters to specify your projects_root will cause failures.
Workaround: Use ASCII characters to specify your projects_root.

Visual Studio cannot connect to the Klocwork server if multi-byte characters are in the host name

If your host name contains multi-byte characters (e.g. Japanese) and you attempt to connect to it in Visual Studio, you will be unable to connect to the host.
Workaround: Do not try to connect to a server that contains non-ASCII characters. Alternatively, you can use the ASCII representation of the multi-byte host name instead.

Offline product documentation may not load if double-byte characters are used to specify the hostname of the server

In some cases, the offline help may not load correctly if you used double-byte characters to specify the hostname of your server. This may be caused by your DNS configuration settings or settings related to your browser or operating system.
Workaround: Use ASCII characters to specify your hostname, check your DNS configuration settings, or use the online product documentation at

Cannot set up or submit a code review if Perforce Depot or Visual Studio workspace contain Japanese characters

Workaround: Use ASCII characters to specify both your P4 depot name and your Visual Studio workspace, or use a unicode enabled Perforce server.

Limitations for build integration

Must specify full path to devenv when running kwinject in 4NT shell

Even if the Microsoft Visual Studio build command devenv is in your path, kwinject will not produce a build specification when run in a 4NT shell unless you specify the full path to the devenv tool. 4NT is a non-default command shell for Windows.
Workaround: Specify the full path to devenv when running kwinject in a 4NT shell.

Limitation for support of IAR Systems C compiler

Klocwork Insight does not process the following compiler option for the IAR Systems C compiler, icc8051:
-G. Opens standard input as source, instead of reading source from a file.
Workaround: If your build uses this option, there are two alternatives:
  • Ignore these compilations. The code that is being piped through standard input will not be analyzed in the Klocwork build (this is what kwinject does by default).
  • Save the source code to a file and run icc8051 with the source file as input.

Cannot specify symbolic link as command when running kwinject under Cygwin

When running kwinject under Cygwin, it is not possible to specify a symbolic link as the command argument for kwinject.

kwscm svn issue with GNOME keyring support

When switching between 32-bit and 64-bit Java, kwscm svn authentication may become unstable. This is related to GNOME keyring support.
Workaround: After switching Java VMs, back up your existing authentication keys, and allow the system to regenerate new ones for you:
  1. $ cd ~/gnome2/keyrings/
  2. $ mv login.keyring login.keyring.backup
  3. $ mv default default.backup
  4. $ mv default.keyring default.keyring.backup

kwgradle: the root project build.gradle script must be writeable

Ensure that the build.gradle build file is in a location that can be written to.

Cannot load Android 4.4 (KitKat) using the default memory settings for kwloaddb, kwadmin and kwjava

Linux users building the Android platform, specifically Kit-Kat version 4.4, may need to increase the Java heap parameters (-Xmx) for several tools. In particular bin/kwjava, bin/kwloaddb, and bin/kwadmin. Suggested values for building Android are -Xmx1G for kwloaddb and kwadmin, and -Xmx4G for kwjava.

Limitations for Klocwork analysis

Limitations for C# analysis

Klocwork's C# analysis is supported only on Windows.

Writing custom checkers is not supported for C# projects.

The following features are not supported for C# integration projects:

Feature Details
Build integration
Integration build analysis
Klocwork Review
Distributed analysis Distributed analysis is not supported for C#.

The following features are not supported for C# desktop analysis:

Windows Indexer or antivirus program accesses temporary MySQL files, causing table loading to fail

During the table-loading phase, MySQL makes temporary files. If Windows Indexer is running or your antivirus program is running a real-time scan, these programs may try to access your temporary MySQL files, locking them, and causing table loading to fail.

Create a separate directory to contain temporary MySQL files, and then:

  1. Configure Windows Indexer or the antivirus software to ignore the directory.
  2. Access the non-default MySQL configuration file, located at:
  3. In the <kwmysql.ini> file, add:
    Note: Backslashes should be doubled when specifying a Windows folder path. Windows example: "C:\\temp\\exempt"
  4. Restart the Klocwork Database Server.

For projects containing JSP files, specifying a Windows UNC path to the tables directory generates error

When analyzing a project containing JSP files, if you specify a Windows UNC path to the output tables directory (for example, \\ComputerName\SharedFolder\Resource), you may see errors such as "No Java files were created by jsp converter". This is due to an Apache Tomcat limitation.
Workaround: Specify a non-UNC path to the tables directory (map the network share to a drive).

"Tracker" plug-in for GNOME may cause performance drop in full analysis

Unix only: Running the Tracker search tool for GNOME may significantly slow a full Klocwork analysis.
Workaround: Disable Tracker when running a Klocwork analysis.

Database loading phase may fail if using IPv6

kwadmin may generate the message "Database loading stage failed" during the database loading phase if you are using IPv6.
Workaround: Add the fully qualified host name to the property. To do this:
  1. Open <projects_root>/config/admin.conf in a text editor.
  2. Add the fully qualified host name to the line beginning For example:
    should be changed to:
  3. Restart the Klocwork servers.
  4. Restart the Klocwork analysis.

Limitations for Klocwork Desktop Analysis

Limitations for the Visual Studio plug-in

Klocwork C/C++ compiler does not parse files compiled with /CLR option

Visual Studio 2005 and 2008 allow you to create a C++ project with files that use Microsoft's managed C++ extensions. The Klocwork C/C++ compiler (kwcc) does not parse files compiled with the /CLR option. It issues a warning that the compiler skipped parsing of these files because of the use of managed extensions. This warning is included in build summary statements that count warnings and errors.
The build specification tools kwvcprojparser and kwinject add entries for all C++ files, but they report the number of files that will be skipped during an analysis (if any), as well as the total number of files added to the build specification.

Limitations for the Eclipse plug-ins

Toolbar on Klocwork Insight views doesn't display properly on 64-bit Ubuntu

Versions of 64-bit Eclipse previous to 3.5.3 may not display tools such as Configure filters on Klocwork Insight views on Ubuntu.
Workaround: Close and re-open Eclipse.

Eclipse 3.6.0 with LDAP crashes if Reviewers field is clicked after selecting a reviewer name

When using LDAP access control: If you type a partial user name in the Reviewers edit box in the Create Code Review dialog, the matches are displayed in a box. If you then select a user from that list with a single click and proceed to click the Reviewers edit box, Eclipse will crash.
Workaround: Upgrade to Eclipse 3.6.1 or later to solve this issue, or use the arrow keys and Enter to select a reviewer.

Limitations for the IntelliJ IDEA plug-in

IntelliJ IDEA plug-in not available in Japanese

IntelliJ IDEA is not localized for Japanese, so the Insight plug-in for IntelliJ IDEA is not available in Japanese. Likewise, the Japanese documentation is not available from the IntelliJ IDEA plug-in.
Workaround: To access the Japanese documentation, go to http(s)://<klocwork_server_host>:<klocwork_server_port>/, select ja in the drop-down menu, open Klocwork Review and click Help. Or use the Japanese Documentation Wiki.

Cannot access issue help from IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.1 or 11.1.2

Issue help for IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.1 and 11.1.2 cannot be accessed by right-clicking an issue in the issue list and selecting Show help or by pressing F1.
Workaround: IDEA bug that blocks access to third-party plug-in help, such as that provided by Klocwork Insight, has been fixed by JetBrains in version 11.1.3, details available at Previous versions of IntelliJ IDEA appear unaffected.

Klocwork icons may not appear on menu bars in IntelliJ IDEA 12

In IntelliJ IDEA 12, depending on the version of JDK installed on your system, icons may not appear on the menu bar. This is a known IntelliJ IDEA issue.
Workaround: Install the latest version of the Java JDK.

Limitations for Klocwork Desktop

Project name not saved when using non-default location

When creating a project in a non-default location, the project name is not saved.
Workaround: Repeat your project name in the Project Location field.

Limitations for Klocwork Extensibility

C/C++ Path checker compilation makefile compatibility

The makefile generated by kwcreatechecker on Unix systems requires GNU make to build the checker. The default make installed on non-GNU systems such as AIX or Solaris may not compile Klocwork extensions for C/C++. On Windows, the makefile generated by kwcreatechecker requires nmake to build the checker.
Workaround: None.

Checker Studio cannot represent non-standard header files

Errors will be printed in the Output window of Checker Studio when the AST is generated for source code that contains non-standard header files.
Workaround: Use self-contained examples that do not rely on external includes in Checker Studio.

Analysis fails if Java KAST custom checker was built using a version 1.7 JDK

If you use JDK version to build custom Java KAST checkers, the Insight analysis will fail during the kwjava phase:
Tue Jan 10 11:19:54 EST 2012: Running Java compilation stage...
Error occurred during build: kwjava returned 1
Workaround: Build Java KAST checkers using JDK version 1.6.

Limitations for Klocwork Review

Multi-word entity search highlighting not supported

Entity highlighting in the Source Viewer works only for single words.
Workaround: None.

Issue status change history difficult to view if user name is very long

If a user's name is very long, the status change history dialog spills outside the browser window.
Workaround: None.

Header Analysis in Klocwork Review no longer supported

Klocwork Insight 9.2 was the last release in which Header Analysis was supported. With the introduction of Header Analysis refactoring in Eclipse, our focus is switching from reporting Header Analysis problems to preventing them. For more information, see Klocwork Refactoring.

Internet Explorer cannot list project names if Klocwork Server host name contains underscore

Klocwork Review uses cookies to handle session authentication. Internet Explorer will not save cookies for domains containing an underscore.
There are three options:
  • Change the Klocwork Server domain name to use only alphanumeric characters
  • Have Internet Explorer users open Klocwork Review using the IP address of the Klocwork Server
  • Create a domain alias for Internet Explorer users

Klocwork Review and Klocwork Cahoots user names are case sensitive

If the Klocwork Server is running on a Windows machine, users who log in to Klocwork Review and Klocwork Cahoots have a license checked out using the lowercase form of their user name. Other tools will not change the case of the user name (obtained from the OS), so a second license is checked out.
Workaround: Use a lowercase user name.
If the Klocwork Server is running on a non-Windows machine, users who log in to Klocwork Review and Klocwork Cahoots have a license checked out using the case as entered in the Login dialog. As above, other Klocwork tools use the user name as obtained from the OS.
Workaround: Match the user name case used by your OS.

Cannot use the Remember me option on a server with multiple server instances

If you are running multiple server instances on the same server (for example, and and log in to each server with different credentials (for example, you use jsmith to log into the server on port 8080 and jdoe to log into the server on port 8072), the "Remember me" feature does not work properly. The authentication key is stored in a browser cookie and can only be stored for a domain (the port cannot be specified).
There are two options:
  • For the first server, access the site using the normal domain name (for example,; on the second, use the IP address of the Klocwork Server instead of the domain name (for example,
  • Set up a domain alias for the second server (either locally via your hosts file, or by setting it up globally).

Can't edit custom folder names for Klocwork Review reports

If you create a report and put it in a new folder, there is no way to rename that folder later.
Workaround: If there is a single report in that folder, click edit for the report and change the folder name. If there are multiple reports in the same folder, repeat this for each report until they have all moved to the new folder. Once they have all been moved, the old folder will disappear from the list.

Can't search for Severities in Klocwork Review

If your saved searches for severities appear in the wrong language, the search will not display the expected results.
Workaround: Log in to Review with the locale used during the project build and your saved searches will update to the correct language. Searching for severities will now work as expected.

Middle-clicking a link doesn't open it in a new tab when using Google Chrome

Due to a bug in Google Chrome, some links do not open in a new tab when they are middle clicked, shift-clicked or ctrl-clicked after the first time the link is opened in this manner. Each successive attempt simply opens the link within the active tab. For more information, see
Workaround: Refresh the page and this will allow you to open the link in a new tab the first time you attempt it.

JVM argument passing limitation (Windows only)

On Windows, when you specify a command line argument to a Java application that ends with \" (back-slash+double-quote), the JVM strips both the backslash and the quote from the argument. For example, specifying -r "myname\,othername\" will result in 'myname\' and 'othername' being added as reviewers instead of 'othername\' as expected.
  • wrap each name with single quotes or,
  • escape the last backslash. For example:
-r "othername\"
-r "othername\\"
This is a Windows JVM known issue.

Import status may not be accurately reflected in the Projects view

During the import process, while projects are actively being imported, issue information in the Projects view may not accurately reflect the data in the source project. Information in the Projects view will be updated as soon as the import operation has completed.

Limitations for user documentation

Documentation for C/C++ custom Path checkers

Documentation for custom C/C++ Path checkers is not provided on this site. If you think you need to create a custom Path checker for C/C++, please contact Klocwork Professional Services so that we can guide you in the creation process and provide documentation.

Some links in online help return a "Cannot display the web page" error if not connected to internet

In Eclipse, Visual Studio, and Klocwork Desktop, if you are not connected to the internet, clicking on some links in the online help will return a "Cannot display the web page" error. To reduce the size of the online help file, not all help pages are packaged with these tools.
Workaround: Connect to the internet to view these pages in the Documentation Wiki.

Must enable cookies in Internet Explorer to log in to Documentation Wiki from Eclipse plug-in or Klocwork Desktop on Windows

Windows only: If you do not have cookies enabled in Internet Explorer, you will not be able to log in to the Documentation Wiki from the plug-in for Eclipse or from Klocwork Desktop. Note that login is required only for editing pages on the Doc Wiki.
Workaround: Because Eclipse and Klocwork Desktop use Internet Explorer for help browsing, you need to enable cookies in Internet Explorer.

URLs to external sites don't work in the help for IntelliJ IDEA

It's not possible to navigate to external URLs from the help in IntelliJ IDEA.
Workaround: Use the Documentation Wiki at to navigate to these pages.

PDF links don't work in the help for IntelliJ IDEA

If you click a link to a PDF in the help for IntelliJ IDEA, the file name displays as a title in the right pane, but there's no text. This is an issue for users trying to access the C/C++ extensibility reference manuals.
Workaround: You can access the Klocwork C/C++ AST API Reference and Klocwork C/C++ Path API Reference PDFs from the Reference page on the Documentation Wiki.

Help links for detected issues don't work in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1

If you click Show help for a selected issue in IntelliJ IDEA 11.1, an error is shown.
Workaround: Use the Documentation Wiki at to find the help for the issue.

Links to cannot be opened in the Eclipse help browser

If you click a link in the Eclipse help documentation that references, a warning message will appear in the right pane of the Eclipse help browser indicating that this link cannot be opened within the current window. The user can then click the link in the message to spawn the topic in a separate window.