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Insight 10.0

To get developers up and running fast, you need to set up a project on the Klocwork Server and connect local projects to it. Developers can then analyze code on their desktops within the context of your software system and prevent the introduction of new defects. At this point, you're also ready to assess the current health of your code with our reporting tools. Here's how to get started:

Quick-start: Integration build Quick-start: Desktop
Install servers and build tools
  1. Download the Server and Desktop Analysis plug-in packages from our Downloads page.
  2. Install the Server package.
  3. Copy your license file to the licenses subdirectory of your projects_root.
  4. Start the servers:
    kwservice -r /space/projects_root start

Details: Windows | Unix | Mac

Analyze your integration build

  1. Create a project:
    kwadmin --url http://server2:8080/ create-project my_project
  2. Capture your build settings:
    kwinject make
  3. Analyze the project:
    kwbuildproject --url http://server2:8080/my_project -o my_tables kwinject.out
  4. Load your results into the database:
    kwadmin --url http://server2:8080/ load my_project my_tables

Details: C/C++ | C# | Java

View analysis results

  1. Log in to Klocwork Review at
  2. The Projects list appears. Click Reports and you'll see the Summary report.
  3. Click the Top 10 Issues report to see the most common types of issues in your project.
  4. Click any segment in the pie chart and you'll get a list of issues.
  5. Double-click any issue in the list to investigate it.

Details: Investigating issues

  1. Install desktop tools. Installing a desktop analysis plug-in
  2. Set up a local project:
    kwcheck create --url http://server2:8080/my_project
  3. Capture your build settings:
  4. Analyze your code:
    kwcheck run
  5. View detected issues:
    kwcheck list -F detailed

Details: Visual Studio | Eclipse C/C++ | Other C/C++ | Eclipse Java | IntelliJ IDEA | Other Java

Essential next steps

Once you've completed your first analysis, here are the critical next steps:

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