Installing Klocwork Insight

From Insight-10.0

Follow the steps described below to install the Klocwork Server and Desktop Analysis plug-ins. For help, see Troubleshooting your installation below.

Before you install

Before installing Klocwork Insight, you may want to take a look at the following articles:

Are you upgrading from a previous release?
New for Insight 10.0: we've added a convenient way to import your existing projects to your new Insight installation. See Upgrading from a previous version for more information.

1. Get a license

2. Install the Klocwork Server

3. Install a desktop analysis plug-in

Users can install a Desktop Analysis plug-in directly from the server installation, by selecting one of the plug-ins listed under Downloads on the portal and downloading it to their desktop.

Note: The Downloads section will not appear in the portal until the Klocwork Administrator has deployed the plug-ins. See Downloading and deploying the desktop analysis plug-ins for more information.

After you install

Troubleshooting your installation